H.J.VLUG Insect Consultancy
(e-mail: h.j.vlug@hetnet.nl)

Services of Insect Consultancy

  • Extension service on white grub damage
  • Advise and support of biological control
  • Identification of white grubs
  • Investigations on the wasp Tiphia femorata and introduction in the field
  • Lectures

Henk Vlug

Henk Vlug worked until recently for 32 years at the 'Instituut voor Plantenziektenkundig Onderzoek' (IPO) (presently 'Plant Research International') in Wageningen. Since the last 25 years he was specialized in research on white grubs in sportsfields, golfcourses and amenity grassland. In March 2001 he started ‘Insect Consultancy', a bureau of which the main activity comprises extension service on white grub problems and field support for biological control of white grubs in grassland. In the past twenty years he became also an expert on the biology of leatherjackets in grassland.
Insect Consultancy is an independent bureau having links with the main producer of the insect parasitic nematodes 'E-Nema' in Kiel, Germany and the distributor for the amenity market,  ProGrasS in Harderwijk, the Netherlands. Insect Consultancy is able to provide not only advise on biological control but can also help to change environmental factors in order to avoid serious damage by insects. Ecological control measures constitute an essential part of ‘Comitted to Green’.